A sculptural work that I did in the beginning of 2020 as a response to an artistic neurosis I have been suffering from my entire life. In the beginning this is not the topic I wanted to explore. I was more interested in the relationship between ‘the whole’ and ‘the particular’ and to create some sort of Babylonian Tower but in a form of a cosmic worm. Worms are the creatures I am most afraid of by the way.  At the time I was fascinated by Google Earth services and wanted to transfer the experience of scale onto viewing the sculpture as well. What I mean is that I wish the viewer could not only observe the piece from afar but actually physically (yet virtually) was able to walk it through: engaging with the terrain, its surface, directly.  Months after the work was made I realised it responds primarily on my frustration with the process of making art in general. And I felt, that in order to overcome it, there is a need for the piece to become psychomagical experience, like ‘coming of age’ ritual that many of us in the western society are deprived of.